Minggu, 20 April 2008

Pro-Grade 7000-8000 Watt Generator - 13 HP - Electric Start - EPA/CARB Approved

Product Description
Extra power and features built-in for the needs of professionals; extra security for homeowners. 8000 peak-wattage is enough to power more, larger construction tools, air compressors and heavy-duty saws on the jobsite; homeowners can run refrigerator/freezers, furnace fans, sump and water pumps--even an electric range; but WITHOUT what you don't want: excess noise and exhaust fumes. Quiet (72 dBa at 20'), smooth and low-emission (EPA & CARB approved) 13 HP air-cooled industrial-grade engine with overhead valve design--super-easy to operate with 12-volt battery (included) powered electric start.

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